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Elder Law

VAPO, Guardianships, Trust Management


As of 2010, thirteen percent of our population is 65 and older.  It is predicted that in the year 2050, twenty percent of our general population will be 65 and older (U.S Census 2010.) Whether you need assistance for yourself or a loved one as they enter their golden years, it is important to have an understanding attorney by your side.


You could simply be looking to set up a will, or maybe you know a vulnerable adult who needs a guardian to assist them. At Richmond & Richmond, we can help you and your family stay up to date on your rights and responsibilities. It is key that we help our seniors to maintain their equality and dignity as well as empower their families and caregivers with the best support possible. 

Whether your loved one needs someone to look out for them as they age or you want to plan for your own future, we will be glad to help!

Real Estate

Property Disputes, Landlord/Tenant


Kitsap County enjoys an above-average home ownership rate, with over 2/3rds of homes being owner-occupied (U.S. Census. 2008) With lower land prices and easy access to Seattle, it’s a great place to own a home.


Your home may be your biggest investment and your most prized possession— but it can also be the source of some of your biggest headaches. Perhaps you are ready to sell or refinance and find an unexpected problem with your title. Maybe you want to buy, but discover just before closing that the property is missing proper easements. You could have a few investment properties and find yourself with problem tenants. Or, you would be happy to stay put, but have an insoluble problem with your neighbors.


Whatever your real-estate related headache, we have the help you need. We work with real estate agents, contractors, and other professionals to help you realize your dreams. Our strengths are in negotiation and thinking outside the box to find you a peaceful, affordable, and timely solution.

Estate Planning

Estate Management, Property Management


According to a survey by, only 42 percent of Americans have estate planning in place. Yet, estate planning doesn’t have to be scary, unpleasant, or expensive. It can mean the difference between leaving your family the legacy that you want and leaving them with a giant headache, or without the provision you intend. We tailor our services and costs to your family’s needs, whether simple or complex.

Even if you have made an estate plan in the past, if it’s been a while or your family situation has changed—through marriage, divorce, children reaching adulthood, or even an interstate move—it may be time for a checkup to ensure that the plan you have is the one you need now.


Insurance Coverage, Land Use, Contract Breaches


Do you or someone you know need assistance in taking legal action? If you are in a unfair situation with your insurance, your business, your bank, or your tenants, look no further.


We cover a wide range of law suits, including but not limited to insurance coverage, business disputes, ​real-estate and land use, contract breaches, and bad faith situations. Whether you're looking to start a new case or are looking for a lawyer to help with a current case, we can assist you. 

Business Law

Contracts, Mergers, Business Management


If you have a business, you know there is a lot to do and a lot that can go wrong. Having an attorney can make a large difference and keep you up to speed with current laws and regulations. If you need assistance with creating your business, negotiating contracts, hiring/firing employees, or other business needs not listed, we can help.

At Richmond & Richmond, we want your business to succeed. Owning a business is a lifestyle and should be taken seriously. A lot of people can be impacted by decisions made, and having education and support regarding the laws and responsibilities required can make or break a company. Let us help you navigate the legal system and create a flourishing business!

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