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Richmond | Hill PLLC

Richmond | Hill PLLC is a law office in Port Orchard, Washinton. We specialize in Bankruptcy, Elder Law, Business Law, and Real Estate. Richmond | Hill PLLC was originally founded by Ron and Karen Richmond and in 2023, after decades of having his own solo practice, David Hill merged with the Richmonds, bringing his vast expertise in bankruptcy,  to create what is now known as

Richmond | Hill PLLC. Together, we have over 70 years of combined law practice!

We have a huge heart for people which is why our law office focuses on people moving between the greatest chapters of their lives. From financial freedom and starting your first business to your golden years and caring for your family after passing.

For life's biggest moments, Richmond | Hill PLLC has your back. 

Richmond | Hill PLLC

Our Vision

Richmond | Hill PLLC  is dedicated to the mission of equality: bringing the highest quality legal representation to all clients in an affordable and accessible manner.  The mission of giving you, the client, education on the process and ownership of your case, empowering you in your strategic decisions to accomplish your best results.  At the end of the day, we want each client to feel that we are the ideal holistic legal services provider, helping them with everything from presenting their case in court to helping them rest well at night.


Karen Richmond

Karen brings clarity and simplicity to complex scenarios, and has great skill in finding a way to bridge the gap that can arise between the right solution and the standard legal interpretation. Her practice focuses on estate and trust planning, probate and trust administration, real estate and landlord-tenant law, business law, and bankruptcy.


Karen brings to the table an incredible skill set in legal research and analysis. In addition to her main practice areas, she has also been a valuable consultant on matters including environmental cleanup, insurance coverage, public policy, and complex civil litigation.


A Kitsap County native, Karen grew up on a family farm in Olalla. She graduated from law school magna cum laude in 2000, and was admitted to practice in Washington in 2001.


Initially, Karen worked in public policy research, focusing on education, labor law, and public understanding of law. She also designed a study course for Constitutional Law, and spent a year teaching high school. After taking some time off to start a family, and then freelancing for a few years, Karen founded Richmond Law, PS, in 2012. She expanded the firm with her husband Ron to create Richmond & Richmond from 2015-2020, before going solo again during the pandemic. In 2023, Karen and David Hill, along with Ron, formed Richmond Hill PLLC.


Karen lives in Port Orchard with Ron and their four children, where they share enjoyment of science fiction, fantasy tales, and gaming. Karen also enjoys trails, forests, and lakes, enjoying hikes either solitary or with family. It is also important to know that Karen was a Tolkien fan long before the movies were even an idea.

Our Attorneys

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