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Elder Law

What is elder law?

Getting old can be hard, but it sure beats the alternative. We can help you protect your assets, smooth the transition, and prepare your legacy. We can also help family members struggling with the issues that may arise in connection with the aging and death of loved ones.

-Estate and Trust Planning-

Many people are confused about whether they need a will, a trust, powers of attorney, or what that all even means. The good news is you don’t need to be confused. By sitting down together, we can talk through what your goals are and then set up exactly what you need to make it happen.



After a loved one passes, the last thing you need is stress over how to tie up financial loose ends. We can provide you with the tools you need to wrap things up efficiently and avoid surprises down the road.

-Fiduciary Guidance- 


Administering a trust or serving as attorney-in-fact for a family member is a major responsibility, and you probably didn’t go to school for that. We can help you ensure that your work meets appropriate fiduciary standards and avoid problems before they begin.

-Estate and Fiduciary Disputes, Will Contests, TEDRA-


On the other hand, if problems are already well underway, we can both bring and defend actions over what’s been done. Washington’s Trust & Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) provides a flexible framework for both pursuing claims and providing resolution by agreement.


-Medicaid Planning-

Preparing for long-term care costs can be one of the greatest financial challenges facing families. We can help you avoid the pitfalls, protect your assets, and maximize your options.



Whether it’s for a developmentally delayed child reaching adulthood, a family member for whom mental illness has taken over, or a parent struggling with dementia, we can help navigate the often confusing world of adult guardianship to set up an appropriate protective arrangement.

-Vulnerable Adult Protective Orders-


Situations involving adults with diminished capacity can easily lead to exploitation or accusations of exploitation. We can provide assistance either with bringing or defending against these accusations and help get to the bottom of the matter to protect the rights and needs of the vulnerable.

How can Richmond |Hill PLLC Help?

As of 2010, thirteen percent of our population is 65 and older.  It is predicted that in the year 2050, twenty percent of our general population will be 65 and older (U.S Census 2010.) Whether you need assistance for yourself or a loved one as they enter their golden years, it is important to have an understanding attorney by your side.


You could simply be looking to set up a will, or maybe you know a vulnerable adult who needs a guardian to assist them. At Richmond & Richmond, we can help you and your family stay up to date on your rights and responsibilities. It is key that we help our seniors to maintain their equality and dignity as well as empower their families and caregivers with the best support possible. 

Whether your loved one needs someone to look out for them as they age or you want to plan for your own future, we will be glad to help!

Over 70 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Every elderly adult should have legal guidance. Let us help you or your loved one in your golden years. Click the link below to request a consultation!

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