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Real Estate

What is real estate law?

For many people, their home is their single largest investment and only real estate holding. Others enjoy the challenge and rewards of real estate investment. Whichever one you are, you need the security of knowing your investment is protected and accurate, up-to-date guidance on your rights and responsibilities.

Richmond Hill can help in these areas:

-Deeds, Transfers, Contracts and For Sale By Owner-


For those who want to transfer property directly to a family member or buyer, experienced legal advice can make sure everyone is on the same page and the transaction does what everyone expects it to do. We can also identify and help you remediate any potential problems with the title.

-Easements, Road Maintenance, and Well Maintenance-


Good fences make good neighbors and so do good agreements on how to handle shared resources, whether it’s a driveway, a drainfield, or a well. We can set you up with these or help resolve questions when problems arise.

-Deeds of Trust and Seller-Financing-


For parties who would like to provide their own financing, we can make sure everything is clear, secure, and properly recorded to protect all parties to the transaction. We can also bring foreclosure actions if payment stops.



Protecting investment in rental properties means having an enforceable lease, a clear understanding of your rights and duties, and a a sure and speedy path to eviction when things go wrong. We can help at every stage of your real estate investment.

-Adverse Protection, Quiet Title, Partitions, and Ejectments-


Who owns what land can become thorny over time, custom and practice. We can help remove squatters, clear cloudy title, and sort out who has the right to what.

-Land Use Issues-


Compliance with local rules and regulations can be thorny. We can work with you and the local government entity in demonstrating compliance, resolving disputes, or acquiring appropriate compensation for eminent domain.

How Can Richmond |Hill PLLC Help?

Loved ones passing is hard enough, the last thing you should be worrying about is probate court. We specialize in helping guide families through the probate process. We insure that you or our loved ones have a will to insure your family receives your assets properly at the time of your passing. Most people are not thinking about what happens at the time of the passing of loved ones, but we're fluent in the process and would love to help you navigate it. 

 Over 70 Years of Accumulated Practice

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